Summer Pops

It's already the middle of summer. As expected, summer with T is a whirlwind of activity. Not that we stop when the leaves fall down but in comparison, summer is chock full of birthday parties, outings and events. We're happy to have such a fun summer and welcome the slow afternoons when we can hang out at home (or rather, T hangs out at home while I spin circles around him doing chores that I never get to do because it's so rare for us to stay in) to enjoy popsicle time. I had bought 3 sets of popsicle molds earlier in the year with very ambitious flavor profiles in my head. All I have had time to do, however, is fill them with Stonyfield's yogurt. T does not mind and loves his 'ice pops.' I love that he enjoys them and am not afraid to give him more than one. Also, it's proven effective to say 'we have ice cream at home' when the ice cream truck does his playground drive-bys.

Since there are so many kinds of seasonal fruit, use what you find in the supermarket/farmer's market, allow to ripen or add a bit of honey to sweeten and then blend/mash, add an extra punch with a touch of vanilla or herbs. Here are some ideas that I never got to do, yet.
  1. Orange Juice with Strawberry Slices - I didn't work out the technicalities on this one. But I guess freeze OJ halfway and then poke in the strawberry slices before OJ completely hardens.
  2. Mint with Watermelon - Mash sprig of mint with ripe watermelon or blend it for more even results.
  3. Honey Kiwi Ice - I did this often as a kid. Mix hot water with honey, to your level of sweetness, until honey is dissolved. Pour into mold and add kiwi slices (or fresh berries).
  4. Vanilla Almond with Blueberries - Pour in sweetened vanilla almond milk and blueberries.
  5. Pineapple with Coconut Milk - use thick coconut milk (i.e., Goya's) or coconut creme, stir in regular milk for lighter consistency, mix/blend with mashed fresh pineapple, a bit of honey.
These are the molds that I have and seem to work well. I also mix up different flavors or colors of yogurt for more interesting taste and visual combinations. So easy!

Monster Ice Pop Molds - also available at Marshall's 
Rocket Ice Pop Molds - also available at Marshall's
Standard Ice Pop Molds - also available at Walmart

Good-bye, ice cream truck!

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  1. Okay, these sound SO good! Goodbye ice cream truck, indeed :-)